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5 Important Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Content Marketing

As any content marketing service will tell you, the industry is constantly evolving. To ensure you’re ahead of the curve, take a look at these five important content marketing trends in 2022.

1. Long-form content. Content marketers have been pushing shorter pieces for several years, assuming that customers have short attention spans in an online word saturated by content. However, long-form content consistently performs better than short-form content on numerous websites. An added bonus? Research also shows that long-form content tends to perform better in search engine rankings.

2. Personalized content. Content personalization isn’t really anything new, but it has really taken off in 2022. As content management technology becomes increasingly advanced, there are even more opportunities to take advantage of personalization. The bottom line is that you should be using information on specific customers to tailor their buyer’s journey. Research consistently shows that marketers who opt to tie the content they deliver to specific personas are 60 percent more likely to meet their goals.

3. It’s all about data. It’s no secret that great content marketing needs good data. In 2022, you can’t afford not to practice data-driven content marketing — companies that do so enjoy significantly higher ROIs. If you need help gathering or making sense of data, your best bet is to contact a professional content marketing service.

4. Interactive content. If you want to drive engagement in 2022, you need interactive content. Whether it is a quiz, a game, or a whitepaper, 93 percent of marketers feel that interactive content is better at educating consumers than more passive forms of content are. That translates into a better performance when it comes to your marketing goals and objectives and, subsequently, an improved bottom line.

5. Content shock. What is content shock? It refers to the shock brands experience when they realize just how much time, energy, and resources great content marketing requires. To combat content shock these days and to carry out a successful content marketing strategy, you need to be strategic about where you spend your time and money.

Need help with your content marketing strategy? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional content marketing service for some strategic advice.

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