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6 Must-Know Tips for Content Marketers

Content Marketing

Why is Content important? What are the 6 important that a content marketer should know about content writing.
Content is King and 2022 is still living under it’s reign. So, why is content so important?

Content is the head because for every amalgamation of digital solutions, you need contents. Right from website contents to social media post, from the blog post to even running a small advertisement! And if you do all these well, content is the one factor that will set you apart and brand you and your business as subject experts.

But no, it is not as easy as it sounds. Creating a great content takes more than clubbing together of words. It requires you to put in your effort, spent time understanding your business goals and the needs of your customers. Don’t forget that your job doesn’t end with one posting. You need to be interactive and spark conversations as well.

Lets take a look at the 6 must-know tips that will help any content marketers for a better content writing:

  • What is you Goal?

Knowing your goals, your aims and objective is the first thing to do. As you look at your business, think what you want- Sales? Engagement? More leads? Brand Awareness?

Now once you have chosen your goals, it will be much more easier for you to decide on what type of content you would need.

  • Who are your Audience? Keep the Content Relevant:

Well, you cannot go around crafting contents unless you have determined who your audience are. Therefore, take time to carefully study the kind of audience that exist on all social media platforms where you would be sharing your post.

For instance, Pinterest has more female users as compared to male, G+ is more business oriented, twitter is trend oriented and so on. Knowing this not only helps you understand your audience better, but it also gives you insight on what your audience wants to read.

When you have figured it all out, you can then tailor your contents accordingly, based on the different platform and audience’s nature. When you share relevant contents, your customers are more likely to start sharing it and hence making your marketing job a lot more easier.

  • Are you writing in your own Tone?

Originality is the best policy when it comes to content creation! So when you are writing a post, develop your own style, in your own tone. There is no need to copy others! Content writing is definitely not an easy job!

Create an original content with a unique tone that will also also reflect your brand. This way your business get a unique brand image through your writing as well.

  • How continuously are you self-broadcasting?

The days of writing contents for advertising is long gone. You should drop your sales pitch as low as possible. The more you sell or advertise, the higher chances to get ignored. AVOID continuous self-reference!

You should tell your customers the benefits you offer instead of force feeding them why you are the best! Referring to your customers as “you” is definitely a brownie point to establish a personal connection with your customers to start with.

  • Are you Focussing on your Content Title?

The title fo a content carries a lot of weightage, it should be able to grab the readers attention! Unless your title is interesting, your contents will be ignored even if it is interesting. You have to try and find the title that will connect with your readers! For example, start with ‘BEST. . .’ ‘TOP…’ ‘How To’ etc.

  • Have you tried Curating Contents?

Yes! You should know that there are a lot of other good contents! So, break away from your daily routine of writing, take a time out to curate contents that are relevant for your business and your readers and post them.

Doing this will furthermore establish you to your readers as a person who is knowledgeable. Not only that, you also further broaden your conversation with the third party in your industry!

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