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Email Templates – The Best Practice for Marketing

Email Marketing

It won’t be wrong to say that email marketing comes with a better “Return on Investment”. In fact it is considered to be one of the easiest and fruitful marketing strategies. All that you have to do is load the inbox of people with promo emails!

A best email marketing company in India will first give prominence to the website design that is of responsive nature. The website that you design should do justice to both the content and the message that you would like to convey to the receiver. Not every best email marketing software is consider so unless it carries the required responsive and head turner content in them.

Few tips to consider which generating marketing oriented emails:

  • Increasing the open rates: Try to include attractive incentives in the subject line so that the receiver would be tempted to open and go through the email that contains the contents. The subject line would be the first thing that is visible when an email pops in the inbox, thus you have to make sure that the visible content is attractive enough to drive the receiver to go ahead and open the email.
  • Include an attractive subject line: A great subject line will be compact and will not contain more than 30 to 40 characters and it also should have a sense of urgency so that it adds curiosity among the receivers. The subject is notified when the email reaches the inbox so it should be subtle and attractive.
  • Prioritize the requirements: Don’t junk a lot of information in the email that you send, instead include only the required pointers that is sufficient enough for the receiver to understand the message. The content should be unique and self-explanatory to be understood by any receiver.
  • Focus at the message: Many people tend to make this mistake of not giving importance to the main content. Thus in email marketing strategy, the prominence should be given to the main business motive and should be repetitive in the email or highlighted so that the receiver is well notified of the message and the intention behind it.
  • Choose good fonts: The fonts and the alignment of the text should be large enough for the receiver to read through it quickly. Always consider the receiver’s view look up and how good you want your message to be visible. Thus, align the content as per the requirement.
  • Always include the company’s name/logo: The marketing email that reach the customer should always include the registered company name and the authentic logo so that the receiver is well aware that the email is original and not spam. Thus it is mandatory to include the trademark of the business in the email and it would make the email a professionally marketed email.
  • Activating auto-response: There will be few receivers and customers who would opt to receive the emails from your specific firm. For such customer, you can add an auto response note so that you are aware of the open rates of the emails. The auto-responders can also include messages that would reach the sender, you can also include an added incentive or bonus offers for the receivers who opt in.
  • Include the landing pages: Always include the landing pages in the marketing emails so that the receiver reaches the right path of the business that needs the limelight. There are many similar websites in the market and thus adding the right landing page is mandatory.

There are best email marketing software in India that would assist you in creating the right marketing emails.

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