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Google Fetch and Submit – Trick to Increase Indexing Speed

Google Fetch and Submit

If you have new web pages or blog posts that you want Google to index quickly, there are several viable options. One known as “url inspection” or “request indexing” works incredibly well. For assistance with this and the other strategies, you can rely on the services of a reputable digital marketing agency.

Although the fetch and submit tactic has been around for several years, some people are unaware that it exists. As explained by a well-qualified digital marketing consultant, this method of increasing the speed of Google indexing involves using the url inspection feature on Google search console, submitting the url in url inspection tool and then clicking on “live test,” and then the button for “request indexing.” With that, Google will crawl and index that particular page faster than the average speed.

Test Live URL and Request indexing

Using Google search console tool is an excellent way to ensure that your website runs with precision. For instance, a top digital marketing consultant relies on Sitemap and Crawl Errors, which are highly beneficial. Experts also use Fetch as a Google option, which makes it possible to submit your URL to the index. For new content that you want users to find quickly in the search engine results pages (SERPs), this tool is incredibly valuable.

Instead of waiting weeks if not months for Google to appear in search results after publishing new blog posts or web pages, the “fetch and submit” using url inspection tool takes significantly less time. As a result, not only is that content included in the XML sitemap, but it also gets resubmitted to both Google and Bing.

Sitemap Status

Google explained that by using this feature of search console tool, it crawls your URL usually within 24 hours. However, some people who use it claim to have had new content in SERPs appear in just five minutes. As expected, the faster your web pages or blogs show up in search results, the quicker you can get people to your site. With that, you can increase your conversion rate, which means more generated revenue.

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Seeking Professional Assistance

With our search engine optimization services we will make sure that your website gets verified with Google search console tool, followed by taking the appropriate steps to speed up indexing. However, we also offer a host of additional SEO services, giving your online business an advantage over the competition.

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