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Importance of Search Engine Optimization in 2022

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In 2022, SEO is more important than ever for achieving high-ranking search results. Considering that more than 90 percent of consumers use search engines to research purchases and another 70 percent to read product reviews before buying, search sngine optimization is critical. For a marketing campaign that gets stellar results, a reputable SEO optimization agency has the solutions you need.

The following are examples of a few strategies that professional internet marketing consulting services will focus on this year:

  • Voice Search – Although people can still type when searching via a smartphone, an increasing number of them now use voice search. Instead of focusing solely on keywords to improve site ranking, SEO experts understand the need to combine that with natural search so that Google can better identify the user’s intent.
  • Artificial Intelligence – As part of internet marketing consultancy, an expert will also focus more on artificial intelligence in 2022. In response to improvements in how people search online, Google and other search engines are making changes so they can easily interpret the information. For SEO, you need an expert in your corner who understands artificial intelligence and the appropriate ways to use it so that your site will rank higher in search results.
  • Quick Answers and Featured Snippets – To help users find what they want, Google uses a combination of artificial intelligence and Scheme data. Both Quick Answers and Featured Snippets are two specific uses. For driving more traffic to your site, you can use Google Answer Box, which utilizes Scheme data to give users fast answers, which will encourage them to stay on your site. Additionally, nearly 15 percent of all searches contain Featured Snippets. By using these as a marketing strategy, they will appear more often on searches and steal clicks from some of the top-ranking websites.
  • Video – Over the past several years, online video has dominated – a trend that will continue this year. Because of that, a company that offers internet marketing consulting services will incorporate one or more video elements into your SEO strategy.

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