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Local Search Ranking Factors for 2022

Local Search Ranking

When it comes to search ranking, numerous factors dictate how well a company does on search engines. What makes this a challenge is that these factors change from time to time. The same rule applies for local search rankings, meaning that for 2022, very specific factors play a critical role. A local SEO company works hard to stay on top of the changes to provide the best service for its customers and aware of how many local searches are conducted daily, which shows their true worth.

If you are missing out because local consumers cannot find your online business, now is the time to seek help from a local SEO agency. However, instead of choosing just any agency, it is imperative that you work with a top local SEO marketing company, one with years of experience and expertise in both generalized and local marketing efforts.

Key Local Search Factors

Following are some examples of the top factors that will continue to impact local search for 2022.

  • Consistent NAP information across the Web
  • Location information in the title, first heading, and body content
  • Verified GMB (Google My Business) listing that closely matches business information
  • Powerful reviews on Google and third-party sites
  • Business information
    • Hours of operation
    • Local phone number
    • Driving directions with Google Maps
    • Prices/Rates
  • Well-optimized and quality content published on a regular basis
  • Responsive, fast-loading, and mobile-friendly website design
  • Proper schema utalization
  • Strong marketing on social media
  • Clean and consistent local citation profile

Although additional factors affect search ranking for local online businesses, these are some of the most important. When you work with a top local SEO marketing company, a team of experts will help improve your local search rankings and more by using proven methods and finding new ways to do what your competitors are failing to do. Contact us to get started today.

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