Why choose pay per click advertising?

To increase traffic, leads and sales on your website.

With nearly 3.5 billion people online and 70% of them using the internet daily it’s absolutely essential for your business to demonstrate an active online presence in front of potential customers.

Current statistics show that 93% of online activity starts with a search engine, of which Google’s market share is 70%. It is therefore crucial that your business is listed highly for the services or products you have to offer.


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RankFab are experts in this field. We adapt, change and manage your pay per click advertising in Delhi, India carefully to ensure that your adverts are shown in the right places, at the right times and most importantly, to the people who are looking for you. With an agreed monthly budget that suits your company, our small but dedicated team work with care, knowledge and expertise to deliver great results that will transform your business.

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Pay Per Click Options

Depending on our advice, budgets and your goals, there are multiple PPC options. The most important option is being listed highly within Google search results, but should you wish to grow brand awareness we can display your adverts across extremely popular websites.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network

RankFab can display your adverts across an array of popular websites, to the audience.

Alternatively, we can be more selective on the sites your business appears on. For example, displaying only on websites that fall within your business target area.


Pay Per Click & Display Advertising

Effective PPC (or pay per click) requires careful planning, constant review and regular monitoring. The skill to maximise your PPC opportunities is a key offering of Blue Frontier. Your agreed monthly budget will pay Google for any clicks received as well as our service, which aims to:
  • Optimise costs so keywords rank higher.
  • Position keywords and add new keywords to attract more visitors.
  • Write multiple adverts to improve click through rates.
  • Use advert extensions such as locations and phone numbers.
  • Track leads and sales against keywords to further improve.
  • Manage unwanted clicks to increase your return on investment.

Our display advertising service in Delhi, India will help to promote your business to the right target market online, ensuring relevant traffic from your adverts. We will:

  • Design banners and adverts that effectively promote your brand and attract attention.
  • Target your adverts to the right people, in the right places online.
  • Set out potential return on investment based on your budget, expected impressions, and cost per click before the campaign begins.
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    How PPC Services in Delhi, India
    Can Benefit Your Business?

    Measurable and flexible

    Google Ads enables you to see how many people your advert was shown to, how many of them clicked to visit your website, called you direct from the advert. With additional tracking set up we can measure actual leads or sales your website generates.

    Managed professional
    We manage your account on a regular basis and can provide you with full access. We also send you a monthly summary of key stats to keep you updated.
    Start, stop, pause
    We are flexible, we can start, stop and pause your adverts at any time to suit your needs and budgets.

    We Will Target The Right People for Your Business

    It’s important to make sure the right users and customers see your adverts – those who are interested in what you have to offer, and most likely to want to do business with you. By understanding what services your users are interested in and how ready they are to make a purchasing decision, we are able to reach the right target market with your ads.
    Search Engines

    Google and search engine visitors are most likely to be ready to make a purchase. We’ll bid to make your adverts appear prominently to users in your target location, who are searching for your product/service.

    Social Media

    Social media is an effective platform for targeting the right people with your ads, as we can easily gather relevant information such as their interests, demographics and online behaviour.

    In Google

    Prominent ads for targeted users to click, call or visit your business.

    Across the web
    Display banners that attract your target market and encourage engagement with your brand.
    Mobile apps
    Adverts placed in popular mobile apps.
    Facebook ads
    Targeted social adverts, designed to reach a valuable demographic.
    Target Audience
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      Our campaigns get your business in front of the right people at the
      right time to increase organic traffic and boost engagement.