SEO for dentists: Why does it matter?

If you work as a dentist or run a dental office, our SEO for dentists and dental practices at RankFab can help improve your online visibility, making it possible for you to acquire new patients. With increasing online competition, dental SEO marketing is essential.

Social Media Marketing

Strategies for Maximum Online Visibility

As one of the leading dentist digital marketing companies, we help professionals in the dental sector with online marketing for dentist to achieve a higher level of success. We accomplish that by analyzing websites, followed by developing the appropriate plan as part of our dental SEO services.

Online Presence

With our SEO for dental practices, you will also notice an improvement in online visibility. Our services include link building, citation building, and social media marketing campaigns so that people searching for dental care have a better chance of finding you as opposed to the competition.

Avoiding Penalties

By using our professional link building service, there is no risk of getting penalized by Google. You may not know that the update to Penguin had a significant effect on link building. The purpose of the update was to reduce spam by penalizing sites with link profiles considered poor quality or unnatural. Because of that, the process of link building became more challenging. However, we fully understand the update and strictly follow the requirements. We employ white hat link building strategies and establish clear metrics to maximize your link placement opportunities.

Better Engagement and Trust

Ranking high in search engines is just one aspect of our services. The others are helping you engage better with new and existing patients and build trusting relationships.

Google Display Network

Local Search Marketing

We know that 3 out of 4 patients search for dental professionals online. Therefore, we use localized keywords, develop citations, and even monitor responses so that you get the attention you deserve. We also create profiles on local listings including, Google My Business (GMB), Bing and others, ensuring that all information is 100 percent accurate and consistent. That way, potential patients will have no problem finding you.


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