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Top 7 LinkedIn Tips for Small Business Startups

LinkedIn Tips for Small Business

The use of LinkedIn to market products and services has continued to be common. This is not surprising considering the fact that LinkedIn marketing is associated with many advantages. In particular, the social media site is understood to be home to more than 160 million members making it is a very viable platform for the marketing of any business. Today, a number of businesses have been propelled to greater heights following the use of LinkedIn marketing strategies. However, this form of marketing can only yield the desired results if it is applied appropriately. Otherwise, meeting the desired marketing goals would be impossible. Based on this, it is always pertinent to try by all means to use the best LinkedIn marketing techniques. In case you are wondering how best you can use LinkedIn to market your products and services while realising your desired marketing goals, consider the following information.

  • Optimising for search discovery and raising your ranks – Before you can begin to think about using LinkedIn to market your products and services, you have to sign up for a standard account. In general, you can use a free standard account to market your products using LinkedIn. But, you can upgrade to premium membership to gain access to more privileges. Search engine optimisation is very important in as far as LinkedIn marketing is concerned. It is the only way you can manage to raise your ranks and enhance search visibility. The best way to achieve this is to complete your profile page and make sure it is as unique as it can be. Uniqueness is often the leading factor in as far as optimising a page for search engines is concerned.
  • Use certain keywords in your heading – You also have to use certain keywords in your profile heading to increase search engine visibility. You can choose key words to use in your heading based on their impact on your visibility in both the major online search engines such as Google and Yahoo and LinkedIn itself. Place as much emphasis as possible on your skills, areas of expertise and notable achievements.
  • Profile and skills tagging – Tagging your profile and skills can prove to be challenging, but it is one of increasing your visibility in search engines. When you tag your profile and your skills, you will be making it easy for anyone to search for your business and find it within a short period of time. You can achieve this by specifying as much information as possible especially including expertise and skills information.
  • Importing offline and online business contacts – While you are on LinkedIn, you can try your best to maximise your chances of being visible in search engines by simply importing both the online and offline business contacts to your account. this will definitely raise the value of your account.
  • Use key word anchor text to link to your website – LinkedIn is a platform for increasing web traffic to your business web page. But, this may be impossible unless you use key word anchor texts to link your website to your LinkedIn account. You can achieve this by linking the profile key words to your web page.
  • Make a profile that promotes interaction with others – You can achieve this in various ways. In particular, you can personally welcome all new connections either through a personal message or profile comment. You can also add a video to make your profile livelier. There are applications that can enable you to do this.
  • Tagging and filtering connections as often as possible – You can easily achieve this by classifying connections. This can enable you to build LinkedIn relationships that are beneficial to your business. You will also be able add value to the connections that you have tagged.

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