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Ultimate Guide to On Page SEO for e-Commerce Websites

On Page SEO for e-Commerce Websites

Getting more traffic and driving more sales are the goals of most ecommerce website owners, but many people quickly become confused about where they should begin with SEO for ecommerce. On page optimization is a vital first step for success. Understanding exactly which areas to target for ecommerce website SEO can help your store stand out from the competition, drive more traffic, and close more sales.

Researching the Competition

The first step in any on page optimization plan should be competitor research. This is particularly true if you are competing against large ecommerce stores because it is a safe bet they have likely already taken the time and effort to ensure their websites are fully optimized. The most important area to focus on is keywords. Specifically, you should analyze the keywords your competitors use on their homepage along with their product pages. Next, review their landing pages to see which keywords they chose to use to in optimizing those pages.

Optimizing Your Homepage

In the process of optimizing your homepage, you will need to pay attention to several key areas to achieve maximum ecommerce website SEO. First, make sure that your homepage title tag includes the name of your business in addition to the primary keyword phrase you wish to target. The title tag should be less than 70 characters in length.

You will also need to optimize your homepage meta description. This is the description of your business that will appear beneath the title tag in searches. It should be 160 characters in length and written in a way that entices people to visit your website. Homepage content is also important; it should tell visitors more about your store as well as the products you offer.

The Importance of Site Architecture

Beyond the homepage, on page SEO optimization should include a review of your website architecture. Of particular importance is ensuring that your site features a distinct navigation hierarchy that moves from your website’s homepage to various product categories to the products contained inside those categories. The linking structure you use for your site’s navigation should be clear and easy to follow. As a basic rule of thumb, make sure that it takes no more than three clicks for visitors to reach any product.

Product Pages

Next, review your site’s product page optimization. Areas to work on for proper on page optimization include the names of your products, including any possible variations visitors might type into a search engine. You should also include a properly optimized product description. Keep in mind that Google usually uses product descriptions for meta descriptions on product pages. Therefore, this is what visitors will see appear in search results, so it is important to ensure your product descriptions are optimized and enticing.

Many website owners make the mistake of ignoring images, when they are actually a key element in search optimizing product pages. Rather than giving random filenames to your images, use the corresponding product name as well as your primary keyword.

Product Reviews and FAQs

Reviews are another area where you have a prime opportunity for on page optimization and boosting consumer confidence, so take full advantage of the opportunity to publish reviews of your products and services on your website.

Finally, make sure you have an informative and comprehensive FAQ section. Frequently Asked Questions content can help your customers find answers to questions they may have about your products, services, and business. Keep in mind that if a customer has a question and cannot find the answer on your website, he or she will likely visit the competition. Make sure that doesn’t happen by providing a thorough FAQ page that answers basic questions about shipping, website security, return policies, and more.

While this may sound like a lot to handle, proper SEO for ecommerce requires extensive on page optimization. While link building for an ecommerce website also play a vital role in optimization . An experienced SEO firm can help you get started.

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